École Heroes’ Memorial School


Mission: To provide a healthy environment that inspires a growth mindset and educates children to become active and compassionate citizens.


Vision: Students and staff will be partners in developing a growth mindset and become models for each other.


Happy Easter!


Dates to Remember:

April 4th                                                                       PPO 7 p.m.

April 5th                                                                       Grade 4 Vaccination

April 6th                                                                       Talent Show 7 p.m.

April 10th                                                                     Governing Board 7 p.m.

April 11th                                                                     Fred Fox visit ( assembly)

April 16th                                                                     United in Music MVHS

March 19th  to April 20th                                              Chocolate Fundraiser

April 20th                                                                     Cycle 3 dance

April 23rd                                                                     Earth Day

April 30th                                                                     Floor Hockey Tournament MVHS


School highlights:


  1. Thanks to Manuelle Pellicer who filled out the application for the local tournoi du Maire. Manuelle received $1500 for our school’s ski program. This money will sponsor students next year who otherwise could not afford to ski.


  1. On March 16th we celebrated an early St. Patrick’s Day with an ice cream treat for the staff and students. Students really got into the spirit of the day by looking very green and wearing a lot of Irish paraphernalia!


  1. We have been working at cleaning up our library and adding to our book collection. To this end we have been giving away hundreds of books that our library no longer needs. If your child has been arriving home with a back pack full of books, this is entirely legit. We are digitalizing our library service and revamping our collection.


  1. Caroline Hui, a local occupational therapist, has been working with our staff to make our environment as accessible as possible to all students. We are looking into all the different elements that affect focus and concentration in the classroom.



  1. There has been a tremendous support for our chocolate fundraiser.  It will continue till April 20th.  If you wish to have another box, please contact Mrs. Murphy @ or 450-263-1612


Healthy Snack Ideas

Blue Bagels

Smash 1/2 cup fresh blueberries into 1 cup reduced-fat cream cheese, or puree frozen ones in the blender and mix in. Spread 2 Tbs. cheese on mini whole-wheat bagels (Pepperidge Farm and Sara Lee make them). Each child gets half a bagel.

Apple Twist

Make classic snacks a little, well, cooler. Freeze small containers of unsweetened applesauce overnight for a slushy treat — and a serving of fruit. Or do the same with low-fat yogurt.


Fruity Franks

This snack is so clever the kids will tell their moms about it: Spread the inside of a whole-wheat hot dog bun with 1 1/2 tablespoons of sunflower butter (it’s typically safe for nut-free schools; check the label to be sure). Place a peeled banana inside and slice down the middle. Each kid gets half.





Anne Stairs