October Newsletter





École Heroes’ Memorial School




Mission: To provide a healthy environment that inspires a growth mindset and educates children to become active and compassionate citizens.


Vision: Students and staff will be partners in developing a growth mindset and become models for each other.


Dates to Remember:

October 3rd                                                      PPO meeting 7 p.m.

October 4th                                                      Cross Country Run

October 5th                                                      Sutton Hiking in Cycle 3

October 12th                                                    School Photo Day

October 12th                                                    Movie Night All cycles

October 15th                                                    Interim Reports go home

October 16th                                                    Governing Board Mtg.

October 17th                                                    C Soccer Tournament

October 25th                                                    A & B Soccer Tournaments

October 31st                                                    Hallowe’en


PPO News

Oct. 12: Family Movie Night for all cycles. Doors will open at 6:40 p.m. and the movie will start at 7pm. Come join us for a fun evening to watch Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. Admission is free but donations will be accepted. All proceeds from the sale of popcorn, drinks and snacks will be put towards buying art supplies for Heroes’.
**If you are interested in receiving P.P.O. news, please follow our Facebook page, Heroes Memorial Elementary School PPO, or email anniejoyce@hotmail.com to put be added to our mailing list  

Terry Fox Run

We were blessed with a warm sunny afternoon for the Terry Fox Run. Thank-you students, staff and parents for supporting this event. As you know we are a nationally recognized Terry Fox school. Last year Fred Fox, Terry’s brother, came to visit us and to thank us for our involvement with the run.


Rainy Days

As much as possible we like to go outside on rainy days to get a break from the classroom. Students prefer this to staying inside. However, it is no fun for students who don’t have proper clothing. On rainy day please send your child with at least a raincoat and boots so that they can still benefit from fresh air and running around.


Student School Council

This year at school, cycle 3 and Sec. 1 students will have the opportunity to participate in their own council. This will give them a place to: voice their ideas, influence school life, organize activities, and take responsibility for their environment. Your child needs your signature on their nomination form in order to participate in this activity.


Breakfast Program

Our breakfast program is back. It will be starting on Monday, October 15th. Thank-you volunteers! We rely on you to make this program possible. Should you be interested in helping out, please contact the office @ 450-263-1612 ext. 10801.



The school has a Facebook page called, What’s Up Heroes’? You can see on a weekly basis some of the activities we are engaged in. It is a great way to see the highlights and get a sense of the day to day vibe at our school. Check it out!


Sports News

The Cross-Country Run will take place this Thursday on October 4th. We have 56 runners who will be representing our school. This is 23% of our population! Good luck to all our students.

Soccer practices have started. There are 4 divisions including students from Grade 3 and up. Divisions 1,2, & 3 have after school practices. Division 4 practices are always at recess or lunch time.



Band and choir practices are starting up. Guitars, percussion, trumpets, flutes, recorders and clarinets all have practices at various recess and lunch breaks. There are also after school practices for band and choir. Please watch the schedule so that you are not surprised if your child doesn’t get off the bus! 46 students are involved one way or another in our music program.



Just a friendly reminder that you can now pay your cafeteria bill via an e-transfer.

The e-mail on the October menu was incorrect.  The correct e-mail is sonia021517@gmail.com


Engine Room

Starting on October 9th our Engine Room will open to targeted students. It is a facility that teaches self-regulation. Students with regulation difficulties that come with ADD, ADHD, ASD, or ODD will be prioritized. It is a physical way to teach children to recognize the difference between deregulation and being in a “just right” space for learning. The exercises and techniques used in the Engine Room promote, focus, impulse control, relaxation, and self-awareness.


Have a warm and happy Thanksgiving this weekend! 


Anne Stairs/Principal