Governing Board

Working in Tandem
The education reform undertaken in the late 1990s and currently being upgraded,
is designed to give back to the schools a leading place in the school system. It is
only natural that schools, where the real education of young people takes place,
should have the necessary controls to accomplish their mission.
This concern, widely voiced at the Commission of the Estates General on Education
and recommended in its final report, is at the origin of many changes in the
schools, in particular:
The creation of Governing Boards possessing important decision-making powers
and composed of representatives of parents, school staff, secondary level
students and the community;
The assignment of increased powers to school principals;
The direct involvement of staff in defining educational and instructional practices.
Against this background, Governing Boards and school principals, each in their own
way, find themselves invested with new responsibilities in a shared mission: to
impart knowledge to students in their community, foster their social development
and give them qualifications, while enabling them to undertake and achieve
success in a course of study (school mission, Education Act, s. 36).
Principals and Governing Boards must take on major challenges: to create a true
learning community, to define together an Educational Project based on an
analysis of the situation prevailing in their school, to establish specific aims and
objectives for their school and objectives to increase student success and finally,
to report on these actions. That is quite a lot to manage successfully!
Due to their respective roles, Chairs and principals are closely involved in taking up
these challenges

.All Governing Board Meetings are open to the public.

Governing Board Members
Vice Chairperson:


Community Representatives” TBA

Daycare Rep.

Support Staff Rep

Central Parents’Committee Rep:

Principal; Anne Stairs

Meeting Dates: All meetings are at 7:00 PM unless otherwise indicated