Important Info for Parents/Caregivers



Heroes’ Sunny Day Services


Important daycare information for parents and caregivers


Welcome back everyone to a new school year. We hope you had an enjoyable summer. We have many activities planned for the upcoming year. There are a few dates of importance, please take the time to read this notice.


  1. It is crucial that if there is any change in your child’s schedule that he/she is or is not attending daycare, you need to contact us directly at 450 263 1612-ext. 10821.
  2. Please be sure to send healthy snacks with your child for daycare. No popcorn thanks!! If your child has a water bottle, extra shoes, a change of clothes and socks is very much appreciated. If you happen to have some extra clothes for students that don’t bring any, we thank you in advance.
  3. Sept. 21st the daycare is not available!!! Due to the fact all daycare educators are required to do training that day.
  4. Oct.1, Election Day we will be open from 7:30-4:30 the cost is 8.20 + 11.80 = 20$ for the day. We will be going apple picking. Forms will be available on Sept. 12th.
  5. Please remember that there is an extra charge if you show up after 5:30 pm. We ask that you call if there is an emergency.
  6. For any information please feel free to text or call Gayle 450 357 0101 or email



Thank you so much for your confidence in our team.


Karen, Donna, Sherry and Gayle