Principal’s Page



August 2018


Dear Parents& Students:


Welcome back!! We hope you have had a refreshing and rewarding summer and that you are ready to bear down on another year of learning.


The maintenance team has been busy over the summer months preparing the school for your return. It is sparkling clean. Let’s do everything we can to keep it that way.


There is a change in the snack protocol this year. No snacks are allowed to be eaten outside. They can be eaten in the classroom or cafeteria but not outdoors.


The projected replacement of the gym ceiling by the ETSB board team did not happen. There is  red tape to work through before that project can be realized.


We have replaced the cafeteria tables with new ones, and we hope that this makes a better lunch space for our students.


A change that needs announcement is, that as a staff we are foregoing the pleasure of Brome Fair this year. When we realized that this trip would cost $9 per student, we felt that this was too costly to charge families at an expensive time of year.


We understand that many of you may choose to take your children to Brome Fair anyways and we don’t begrudge anyone this opportunity for family fun. We have some welcome back activities planned in the first few weeks that we hope contribute to a sense of belonging, school spirit and fun for everyone.


We would like to welcome new staff member to Heroes’. They are all in cycle one! Sandra Ross, Noreen Tansey-Lee and JoAnn Kay are all new to our team. We are happy to have you and wish you every success as you begin your journey with us.


I am really excited to see what we will accomplish together this year. All the best.





Anne Stairs