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December Greetings!

Heroes’ is humming along with activities and learning opportunities for the whole community. I’d just like to share some of the news with you.


We have started an after school homework/activity club for students on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Angela Jones and Pam Sylvain are the animators.


Thanks to the expertise of Natalie Dudley and Gayle Bauer we have vamped up our playground supervision at lunch hour. Gayle and Natalie involve children in game sand excursions to neighboring parks

We have hired an extra SET to give reading support to Cycle One and the BEST class and Tyler Murphy will be back on Fridays to animate leadership activities, playground games, and to provide literacy support for cycle two.


Bill Gagnon is back for another season of woodworking. He is at school on Wednesdays to animate woodworking activities for students who gain from extra manual experience.

On December 13th, our grades 4-7 students will be going  to the movie theatre in Cowansville   to see the Wonder movie. Thanks PPO for offsetting the cost of this activity . Wonder is a novel that the upper grades study and the movie is highly rated. It is a wonderful Christmas activity in addition to the Casse Noisette and the puppetry workshop that some of our cycle 2 and 3 students have already enjoyed.

On December 21st, Laura Barr will be putting on a Christmas concert with the band and choir in the gym. Thanks Laura for your musical and dedicated spirit.


This month we hosted  best-selling Canadian author Eric Walters. He visited each cycle and engaged children on a variety of topics and social issues that are the basis of his writing. He also has a charity in Africa that provides education to Kenyan orphans .


PPO is organizing and paying for a bite workshop through the SPCA that will educate children about how to handle strange dogs that they come in contact with.


On a final note I’d like to give a shout out to our term one Heroes’ Heroes.

 Cycle One; William Martin,Lexi Patch, Lewis Woodard, Logan Evans, Noah Lefebvre-Hudon, Elizabeth Rivard.


Cycle Two; Emma Dressler, Loic Nadeau, Jonathan Jones, Kylie Gaudreau, Hailey Piette, Ella Sparling, Alicia Cournoyer.


Cycle Three; Nathan Dressler, Nicolas Denis, Cory Lapierre, Isaak Gillam, JoseeLussier,Curtis Nicholson, Cody Schinck, Tristan Holmes.


Have a wonderful break and get ready for skiing and public speaking in the new year.



Anne Stairs


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