Principal’s Page

Happy New Year!!

Hi Heroes’ Community,
I hope that 2017 will be a great year for all of us. There are so many things to look forward to. We are planning a lot of renovations and refreshment to our school grounds so that we can live and learn in a healthy environment.
As you can see, the front entrance has been under repair to make it much more wheelchair accessible. We will also have a new door that will open automatically.
New flooring and painting are in the works for different sections of the school and we are looking at refurbishing the gym and buying new equipment.
We would also like to soundproof our music room, so if anyone has contacts in the soundproofing world please let us know.
PPO is working hard on our behalf as usual. The have approved and funded zoomobile presentations from Granby zoo for all cycles of our school. They also participated in a staff meeting where they helped us develop a wish list of project we’d like to see carried out in the school.
Our ski program is well underway although we need to keep praying for snow so that our students can enjoy the slopes. Thanks to Liane Flynn for doing a lot of the legwork for this project.
We are still working hard at how we teach and wanting to encourage a growth mindset in both staff and students so that we become models for each other. We are learning how to talk in ways that inspire us to keep going and to believe that with hard work we can get there.
Our after school homework program is back in business and children enjoy the opportunity to get their homework done in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
Wishing you warm thoughts at a chilly time of year.
Anne Stairs