2016-2017 Guidelines and Expectations

Ecole Heroes’ Memorial School
School Year 2016 – 2017

Guidelines and Expectations
Student Code of Conduct

Table of Contents

Part I – Student Code of Conduct

Law 19 pg. 3-4
Heroes’ Discipline Procedure pg. 4-5
Computer Usage pg. 6-7

Part II – General Areas – Student Code of Conduct

Language pg. 8
Student Behaviour in Class pg. 8
Student Behaviour Outside of Class pg. 8
Student Behaviour in the Cafeteria pg. 8
Student Behaviour While on the Bus pg. 9
Items not permitted at School pg. 9
Heroes’ Playground Safety Guidelines pg. 10
School Dress pg. 10
Physical Education pg. 11
School Attendance pg. 11-12
Bicycles pg. 12

Part III – Rules, Regulations and Student Services

School Cafeteria pg. 13
Toys/Electronics pg. 13
Student Lockers and School Property pg. 14
After School Practices and Other Activities pg. 14
Student Request – Recess and Lunch Hour pg. 14

Part IV – Head Lice Policy

Role of the School pg. 15
Role of the Parent pg. 15

Part I
Student Code of Conduct

Law 19 – The Act to Prevent and Stop Bullying and Violence in Schools

It is expected that students will show behaviours that illustrate respect for the rights, property, and safety of themselves and others.

As a student of Heroes’ Memorial I will:

• follow the school rules, guidelines and expectations
• be considerate towards others and treat them with respect
• play in a safe and responsible manner
• come each day ready to learn and to do my best
• respect school property and personal property of others
• dress appropriately

In this context disrespectful behaviour, fighting, obscene language, or expressions which make use of swearing, name calling,
put-downs and insults are unacceptable.

Intimidation or violence that is defined as bullying or violence as per the definitions in the law will not be tolerated.

Definitions Law 19

“Bullying” means any repeated direct or indirect behaviour, comment, act or gesture, whether deliberate or not, including cyberspace, which occurs in a context where there is an imbalance of power between the persons concerned and which causes distress and injures, hurts, oppresses, intimidates or ostracizes.

“Violence” means any intentional demonstration or verbal, written, physical, psychological or sexual force which causes distress and injures, hurts or oppresses a person by attacking their psychological or physical integrity or well-being, or their rights or property.

Heroes’ Memorial School – Discipline Procedure

As we all work together to make Heroes’ Memorial School a safe and happy place, the following is the Heroes’ discipline procedure, which will compliment our “Citizenship Program” and Mission Statement.

Reward System for Appropriate Behaviour

Every effort will be made to promote positive behaviour. This is a partial list of some of the reinforcements that may be given for positive behaviour.

• Positive behaviour notes (see attached).
• Classroom awards presented on a monthly or term basis for those students who have not received incident reports.
• Awards for improvement in behaviour.
• Students having received seven positive behaviour notes will receive a letter from the office.
• Heroes’ Heroes Award.

Follow-up for Unacceptable Behaviour

Actions will be taken as tickets for Minor and Major incidents are accumulated. The action taken will reflect the severity of the incidents(s). Parents will be notified.

A staff member will note an incident of misbehaviour for follow-up. As an example, a student could write a note of apology during his/her recess or noon hour for a Minor ticket. A Major ticket will involve greater intervention.

We must work together to teach students to accept logical consequences for their actions, give them time to evaluate their behaviour and become actively involved in finding positive alternatives to irresponsible actions.
Self-responsibility is the goal.

Follow-up for Law 19

As per incidents of bullying or violence as described in the law the Principal will respond to each report by a student, staff member, or parent (see report forms Annex I) in the following manner.

The principal will:

• read the report, evaluate the incident, and indicate that a follow-up will ensue
• meet with the victim, aggressor, and witnesses
• inform parents and homeroom teacher of the incident
• seek appropriate solutions – this may involve other members of the staff or school community (CSSS, Board Psychologist, school Psycho-educator, etc)
• set up an intervention plan, as needed
• complete school administrator form and keep in a confidential file with all reports associated to each case
• inform the Director General of all complaints regarding the intervention process regarding incidents of violence and bullying

Incidents of bullying or violence may result in the suspension of a student.

On the use of Computer Resources

The internet is made available to students by the school to encourage their learning. Our educational mission includes teaching students appropriate behaviour in the use of computers and the internet. The full policy on Telecommunications, Network and Computer Resource Usage is available on the Eastern Townships School Board website at www.etsb.qc.ca.

Being a Responsible Computer User

• I will be responsible for my computer at all times.
• I will make sure my computer is charged.
• I will follow the directions and rules set by any member of Heroes’ staff.
• I will use programs, pictures and music as directed by my teacher.
• I will transport my Ibook in its case (never a school bag).
• I will not leave my laptop unattended anywhere such as the bus, hallway, playground, etc.
• I will report lost/damaged components immediately to my teacher.
• I will fill in a request for repairs when necessary.
• I will not have food and drinks around my computer.
• I will not use my Ibook on the bus.
• I will not lend my Ibook.
• I will not use my computer to cyberbully another student

There will be consequences for inappropriate use of the computer.

Computer Security

• I will tell a teacher or the school principal about any vandalism or threat to computer security that I am aware of.
• I will not open any email attachment that I receive unless I know exactly what it is and where it came from.

Using the Computer as a Learning Tool

• I will search the internet using only the search engines recognised by my teacher.
• I will print only with my teacher’s permission.
• I will not share my music over the server.
• I will not add or delete any of my computer settings unless instructed by the teacher.

Proper Internet Use – Student Safety

• I will not give out information about me without my parents’ permission.
• I will not sign up for any game or activity on line.
• I will not use someone else’s writing, images or sounds without first getting their permission.
• I will not send or knowingly receive text, images or sounds that are obscene, insulting or rude.
• I will not go to a meeting with anybody that I planned through the Internet without my parent’s permission.
• I will not use an internet chat site without permission and supervision by an adult from the school.

Proper Use of E-Mails

• I will not send e-mail messages at school without my teacher’s permission and supervision.
• I will not answer messages that make me feel uncomfortable. If I get that kind of message, I will show it to an adult.
• I will not open e-mail messages from people I don’t know or trust. I will always ask permission to do so from an adult first.
• I will not give my e-mail password to anyone.

Part II
General Areas – Student Code of Conduct


It is expected that children will speak as they themselves would like to be spoken to. The school will encourage an acceptable standard of language.

Behaviour in Class

It is expected that students will behave in a manner to satisfy the instructional and emotional needs of classroom life. It is expected that students will in no way jeopardize the rights of other pupils to an education, and the well-being of the staff.

Behaviour Outside The Class

It is expected that in hallways and on the stairs, students will walk and the noise level be kept low. Students are expected to respect the general principle of movement in the halls and stairs, which is to KEEP TO THE RIGHT.

• Students will be respectful and courteous to staff, volunteers, and supervisors on duty, and to each other. Overt signs of affection between students will not be permitted, specifically hugging, kissing and hand holding.
• Youngsters are permitted to eat snacks outside at recess, in the designated area, provided waste is deposited in the waste receptacles. Eating in the hallways, washrooms, and other common areas outside the cafeteria is not permitted.

Cafeteria Use by Students Is a Privilege

Poor behaviour in the cafeteria by any student will not be tolerated and may result in their suspension from the service.

While Traveling On the School Bus

School bus transportation to “Public School Students” is by law a “service” not a “right”.

General Rules Of Behaviour On The Bus:

• Punctuality is essential. You must be at your assigned point for the departure and avoid needless delay of the vehicle.
• The students should enter or exit the bus in order.
• Students must immediately head for a seat, or occupy a specific seat when assigned to him/her, and remain seated until the bus stops at its destination.
• Students must not litter the bus in any way, or throw any objects out of the bus.
• Students caught using foul, immoral or abusive language will be liable to punishment.
• During transportation the students must abstain from screaming, whistling, and noisy conversations. It is forbidden to put head and arms out the windows.
• Ibooks must remain in the case.
• The bus driver has the entire responsibility of the group of students he is transporting. The students must respect and obey the driver.
• The violation of one of these rules could deprive the student of his/her privilege to use the school transportation service for a definite period, as determined by the School Principal and /or by the Bus Transportation System.

Please note that playground supervision begins at 8:00 a.m. We ask that you make sure that students are not at school before this time.

Never Bring Certain Items to School

Weapons of any variety including toy weapons and chains are never to be brought to school. Likewise, matches, lighters, ammunition of any kind, and laser lights are prohibited at school. Students will be disciplined accordingly.
If by accident a student discovers that they have a prohibited item, they must bring it to the office immediately. The item will be confiscated and sent home with a parent or guardian.

Heroes’ Memorial Playground Safety Guidelines

• Skateboards, roller blades, heelies, and scooters are not permitted on the playground during school hours.
• Students may not leave school property at any time without permission. If a ball leaves the playground (i.e. over a fence) a person on duty must give permission to a student to retrieve it.
• Children may go in to use washroom at recess or noon hour but must return to the playground immediately.
• Children who have a problem on the playground should speak to the monitor on duty.
• Students are to put the garbage in the bins provided; they must not litter the playground.
• Students are to stay off fences, trees, garbage bins, and pipes.
• The throwing of rocks, sand, sticks, ice, and snow is strictly prohibited.

Safety Instructions for Playground Equipment

No Standing on the seat or jumping from the swings.
No swinging sideways on the swings.
No climbing on the swing support or chains.
No walking up the slide.
No pushing on the climbing apparatus.

School Dress


There is no formal dress code at Heroes’ Memorial. Students however are expected to come to school clean, neatly and appropriately dressed. Students must wear outside clothing in accordance to the weather conditions. Normally all students are outside each day for twenty minutes at recess and twenty-five minutes at noon hour. Students are expected to have two pairs of shoes; one for inside and one for outside. Students must NOT wear outside shoes or boots to classrooms. Due to fire regulations, shoes must be worn at all times.

Hats are not to be worn inside the school building, likewise not allowed are t-shirts depicting inappropriate images or phrases, belly shirts, muscle shirts, halter and spaghetti strapped tops, mini shorts, or mini-skirts. Jeans which are maintained in a clean and tidy fashion are permitted. Chains attached to jeans are not permitted at school.

Physical Education

Heroes’ has a uniform for Phys. Ed., a red shirt and black shorts. Shorts and t-shirts can be purchased from the Phys. Ed. teacher. Shirts and shorts not purchased at Heroes’ are acceptable, but we do encourage parents to buy at least one Heroes’ t-shirt.

School Attendance

Absences – General

Please phone the school (450-263-1612) before school if possible (between 7:00 – 8:30 a.m.), if your child will be absent from school. Should we not be notified by phone, you must provide a note, signed by you, upon your child’s return, explaining his or her absence.

If You Are Late For School

All students are expected to be at school by 8:15. Students who arrive late for classes must report to the office upon arrival and explain the reason for their lateness.

Change In Routine

Students must provide a note for any change in their daily routine, i.e. leaving school for a medical or dental appointment, etc. If the parents or guardians of a student are leaving for an extended period of time, please forward a note with the names and contact information of the people responsible for supervising the children.

Overnight Visits

Students may travel to another student’s home by bus providing they have a note giving them permission from their parent/guardian, and that there is the appropriate space available on the bus. Before we can instruct a driver to make a change, the child must present a note from his or her parent/guardian to the office a day in advance.. The note will be recorded within the attendance log and must be picked-up from the office prior to departure time.

Pick-Up of Students – Occasional

If you, as a parent, want to pick up your child after school rather than having him or her walk home or take the bus, we ask you to indicate your arrangement in a note. Only in emergency situations will we accommodate any requests made by phone. If someone other than a parent or guardian will be picking up your child, please clearly specify who it will be. For obvious security reasons we cannot knowingly release children from school without being certain that you approve of the arrangement.


Bicycles must be placed in the racks provided. Students are not permitted to ride bikes on the school grounds during school hours, and may only use them after classes once the busses have left the school. Students are to get off their bikes at the edge of school property and walk them to and from the racks. It is recommended that students wear a helmet while traveling to and from school.

Part III
Rules Regulations & Student Services

School Cafeteria

If you forget to bring your lunch:

For those children who forget their lunch or lunch money, they may come to the office at recess time or lunch hour for a lunch ticket. A lunch ticket consists of a soup and milk. Students are asked to bring in the $ 1.50 the following day.

A notice indicating that a student has received a lunch ticket will be sent home on the same day.


Students are not permitted to bring expensive toys and electronics to school, including items such as cameras, IPods, Iphones, cell phones, Nintendo DS, MP3 Players, games, skateboards and roller blades.

Trading or selling of personal items at school of any kind such as trading cards, marbles, toys or clothes is not permitted.

Students may bring personal property to school for “show and tell” or for a particular project if their teacher specifically requests that they do so.

Action figures which depict violence and toy weapons are not to come to school.

The safe return of personal articles home is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian.

Student Lockers and School Property

Most Heroes’ students are given the use of a locker for the school year. Depending upon the availability of lockers and student numbers, lockers are sometimes shared between students.

Lockers must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Articles such as outside clothing, schoolbooks and related materials, lunches and running shoes may be kept in lockers. Lockers are school property and a child who uses one inappropriately in any way will be charged for the damages and/or have the privilege to use a locker removed.

Care must also be taken for other items such as books, furniture, etc.
A replacement cost will be charged for school property intentionally or negligently lost or damaged.

After School Practices or Other Activities

Any activities that take place after school are for those students taking part in that activity. Younger brothers and sisters are not allowed to stay behind and wait, as there will be no supervision provided. A note is needed in order to participate in these activities which generally end by 4:00 p.m. Students must arrange their own transportation home and should be off the school property by 4:00 p.m., as there will be no supervision after this time.

Recess and Lunch Hour Requests for Students to Stay Inside Due to Medical or Other Reasons

For any reason, should your child be unable to follow the usual school routine, he or she should remain at home. Only under exceptional circumstances will requests for children to remain inside be considered.

Part IV
Head Lice Policy

There is no preventative treatment for head lice. Only rapid detection and treatment of those infested can prevent the spread of head lice. The school cannot act effectively alone. Your collaboration is essential and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Role of the School

• At the beginning of the school year, the school will solicit parents interested in becoming volunteers for the examination of children’s hair in the classrooms. These volunteers will be trained.
• To screen out carriers of head lice in the classrooms by organising one or several examination sessions by the volunteers throughout the school year. Parents of students that are detected with head lice will be called to come to school and pick-up their child.
• To re-examine the hair of students detected with head lice upon their return to school, after treatment applied by the parents.

Role of the Parent

• To examine the heads of their children and other members of the family on a regular basis.
• To come and pick-up their children, upon notification of the school.
• To treat the head lice. This involves a treatment shampoo and removal of nits.
• To wash personal belongings.
• To accompany the treated child upon return to school for
• Complete, sign and return the information form that will be sent home with your child(ren).
• For further information, parents can contact info-sante.

These guidelines and regulations have been carefully thought out and devised with your child’s best interest in mind. We will make every effort to advise you of any changes made throughout the year.