Daycare Guidelines

Heroes’ Sunny Days Daycare Service
317 du Sud Street
Cowansville QC J2K 2X6
Principal: Anne Stairs
Daycare Technician: Gayle Bauer
Tel.: (450) 263-1612 Ext. 10821 ( and leave a message )
Fax: (450) 263-2999

Dear Parents:
RE: Daycare Service Guidelines

I. The daycare service will provide a place for children to stay after school until such time as their parents,
or persons designated by their parents, pick them up. If someone other than the parents is to pick up the
child, the parents must provide the daycare with a note to that effect. The educators are also on hand to supervise these children at lunch time.

2. The service will provide the children with games, activities, free time and “homework time”. “Homework
time” will mean that a group of children will go to a quiet area, where they will work on their homework. A 30 minute period will be offered Monday through Thursday, under the supervision of the daycare educator. This person may provide the children with some assistance in doing their work but the service should not be interpreted as being a tutorial service. The “homework time” will not be provided on Friday afternoons.

3. The service will be offered from 7:15 am to 8:00 a.m. then from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. each day that regular classes take place. The service will operate on days that the school closes early due to poor weather conditions. It will be offered on scheduled pedagogical days, and it will not operate on days when the school is closed due to poor road conditions, heating system failure, etc. It will not operate on holidays such as Thanksgiving, the Christmas and March breaks, etc.

4. The service will be offered both on a regular basis (i.e. for the parents who wants their child to attend
after school daycare regularly 3. 4, or 5 times a week) and on a sporadic basis (i.e. the parent who wishes to make use of the service one or two times per week or per month.) As there will be a limited number of children in the daycare service preference will be given to the children whose parents make regular use of the service.

5. Parents are encouraged to send some form of fruit or other food for an afternoon snack. Please do not send messy foods and follow the school board’s nutrition policy; fruits, vegetables, etc. Do not send foods like candy, chocolates, chips nor any type of soft drink.

6. Parents will have to provide the daycare service with a phone number at which someone can be reached who would be responsible for the child in case of injury, sickness or other unusual circumstances.

7. The service is paid for in part by a grant from the provincial government for regular users of daycare services. The grant enables us to keep the cost to regular users at $8.55 per day as directed by the government as of July 1st, 2021. This fee is payable at all times even in the case of absences. Failure to pay within the current month could result in the loss of your child’s right to daycare services.

8. The service is available on pedagogical days at an additional cost of $20/day plus the cost of the offered activity. Parents must register their children with the daycare by completing the reservation slip and sending it back by the date indicated on the PED letter as we have a maximum number of students we can accept on a given day. Payment of the PED day should follow the reservation slip.

9. Parents whose children make regular use of the daycare service should pay for the service at the beginning of each month. The payment should be in the form of a check payable to Heroes’ Sunny Days Services. Please print the name of the child, the reason for the payment and the time period concerned on the back of the check (e.g. John Brown, daycare / September).
The cost to occasional/ sporadic users will be $10/ hour, with a maximum of $16 per day. This is payable according to the actual use of the service. The parent is responsible to sign out the child and indicate the time of departure for billing purposes.
As the Daycare Technician does the accounting of the daycare program, payments are to be put in the Daycare payment box at the entrance of the daycare room. Checks are preferred to cash.

10. There will be a late fee for parents who pick up their children after the 5:30 p.m. The late fee will be of an automatic 10$ fee and 1$ per minute thereafter for each child remaining at the daycare service after 5:30 pm.
The money from this late fee will be used to pay for the services of the daycare educator, who normally finishes at 5:30 p.m.

11. Parents, who wish to make use of the daycare service sporadically, should advise the daycare at least the day before they wish their child to attend the service. They should do this by sending a note to the daycare. The note should indicate the day on which they would like their child to attend daycare and a phone number at which they can be reached to confirm that their child can come to daycare on the date
requested. In exceptional circumstances, parents may call and request service on the day it is needed. These notes are NOT to be put in the payment box. This box is only for payment use and PED day reservation slips/payment.

12. Parents of children who make regular use of the daycare service will be provided with receipts which they use when filing their federal income tax returns. (Our daycare has acquired a subsidy from the provincial
government and thus parents of regular users are not eligible for a receipt for provincial income tax

13. Parents who make use of the daycare sporadically may request a receipt for income tax purposes. Whether or not a child’s daycare expenses will be accepted by the government will depend on each child’s situation.

14. When deciding that your child will no longer attend the daycare services, we ask that you give Daycare Technician two weeks notice in writing. You will be expected to pay the regular fee for the current month.
If you have any comments or questions, please call the school.

Sincerely yours,
Gayle Bauer
Daycare Technician