Mission: To provide a healthy environment that inspires a growth mindset and educates children to become active and compassionate citizens.


Vision: Students and staff will be partners in developing a growth mindset and become models for each other.


Dates to Remember:


March 7th                                                           PPO meeting 7 p.m.

March 15th                                                         Governing Board 7 p.m.

March 17th                                                         Volleyball Tournament @ MV

March 23rd                                                          Heroes’ Heroes Assembly

March 27th                                                         SCHOOL DAY

March 31st                                                         Talent Show  7 p.m.

*Please take note that due to the 2 days where classes were cancelled this year, the March 27th and April 18th pedagogical days are now regular school days.


Hello Heroes’,


I trust that everyone has had a relaxing March break and that we are ready to spring forward and gear up for the last half of the school year.


We have many great projects and challenges still in front of us. The center section of the school has had new flooring put down over the break and the hallway has also been painted. It is looking clean and bright. The gymnasium is also having a facelift and we will do our best to make sure that things are in order for the Talent Show at the end of the month.


We have a culture in the schools grant, thanks to SET Gayle Bauer, to continue the mural work in the hallways that was started last year with an independent artist.


Also Annie Needham, our PPO chair, has been in touch with a former student, Vanessa Bockus, who is a skilled artist. She is planning to do a mural at the South Street entrance leading to the music room.


A special thank you to our caretaker Steve who has put in many extra hours over the break to make sure that renovations went ahead on schedule and that spring cleaning in the old section of the building was carried out.


Public Speaking Winners:


On February 9th we hosted our public speaking showcase for grades 4 and up. The speeches were well done and provided an opportunity for winning students to share their oratorial skills with the rest of the school.

Winning speeches were given by William Domingue Fraser (3/4), Nathan Dresler (4), Alex Bérubé (5), Mia Cerbo-Tétrault (5/6), Wyatt Patch (6), Dylan Bates (BEST), and Jaxson Whitehead (7). Congratulations to all the winners!


The runner-ups were: Kayleb Xavier (3/4), Devon Whitehead (4), Maxence Blanchard (5), Jade Gaudreau (5/6), Millie Boudreau (6), and Sarah Sevigny & Hailey Scofield (7).

Congratulations to our runners-up!


Talent Show

Ms. Barr, other teachers, and budding performers are working hard on their songs and skits in preparation for the Talent Show at the end of the month. Hope you can make time to come and see the many talents of our Heroes’ students on the evening of the 31st! Tickets are $5 each with a maximum charge of $10 per family.



The library has acquired many new books, and Pam Sylvain, our volunteer librarian has been busy sorting out old books and categorizing new ones. We are updating the circulation process so that all our library books are catalogued digitally.


PPO updates

PPO helped fund the outing to Grimpe et Partout for the Cycle 1 students.

PPO allotted $300 to help furnish the new woodworking shop with a scroll saw and other supplies.


Thank you PPO for funding the zoomobile workshops, for helping with renovations by taking old paint to the eco-centre, and for providing a lovely staff appreciation lunch complete with chocolate covered strawberries! Your support does make a difference to all of us.


REFAC:  Please take note of the message from Melanie Whitham at the REFAC.


Moving on to School Parent Meet-up

Dear Parent,

Your child is starting school in September and you don’t quite know what to think of it? You are not sure if he or she is ready for Kindergarten? You feel a little nervous or worried and want to be sure to do the right thing? You simply need to talk about your concerns with other parents?

Come to our Moving on to School Parent Meet-up! Monday, March 13th and 20th (Part 1 and Part 2) from 12:45 to 2:30 pm at Heroes Elementary School Childcare will be available onsite.

For more information: Call the Refac at 450-815-1110. We look forward to meeting you!


Transportation Changes

If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, or conversely, putting them on the bus instead, you have until 12 p.m. to signal your change in plans. After that it is too late to make changes because we cannot guarantee that the message will make it’s way through the system in time. It is critical that we do not send a child to an empty home or a wrong address.




Thank you to all the parents who have come in to settle their consumable fees. We are grateful for the wave of support in this important area.





Anne Stairs


Soccer Registration

Inscriptions Soccer 2017



11 Mars : Inscriptions de 10 am à Midi
pour les résidents et de midi à
14pm pour tous

22 Mars : Inscriptions de 18h30 à 21h

Endroit :Centre aquatique de Cowansville

Pour les détails voir :



17 Février : Inscriptions entre 15h et 19h

18 Février : Inscriptions entre 10h et midi

22 Mars : Inscriptions de 18h30 et 19h30

Endroit : Hôtel de ville de Dunham

Pour les détails voir :

Heroes’ 2016-2017 Operating Schedule


8:00am Bus students arrive and are supervised on the playground

8:15am Students proceed to homeroom classes

8:25am. Classes begin

10:25-10;45am Recess

12:15- 1:05 pm Lunch

2:35 Program ends

2:45 Busses depart


Please do NOT arrive at school before 8:00am. This is very important to all students since we do not have any supervision on the playground until 8:00am. Likewise, after school all walkers MUST exit from the Davignon Boulevard door, and bikers from the Playground door. They should be out of the building no later than 2:45pm.

* Parents who regularly meet their children after school should do so OUTSIDE the Davignon Boulevard (exit #2 door).

For all other procedures regarding overnight visits, as well as occasional pick-ups, please refer to the Guidelines and Expectations Booklet