École Heroes’ Memorial School

Mission: To provide a healthy environment that inspires a growth mindset and educates children to become active and compassionate citizens.

Vision: Students and staff will be partners in developing a growth mindset and become models for each other.

Dates to Remember:
Nov. 1st PPO 7 p.m.
Nov. 3rd End of 1st term
Nov. 3rd Cycle 3 Fall Dance 7:00-9:30
Nov. 10th Remembrance Day Assembly
Nov. 15th 1st term reports on portal
Nov. 15th-18th Scholastic Book Fair
Nov. 16th Parent/teacher interviews
Nov. 16th Heroes’ Heroes Assembly
Nov. 17th Ped Day-No School
Nov. 18th Pre-Christmas sale
Nov. 20th Photo retake day
Nov. 21st Governing Board 7 p.m.
Nov. 24th Ped Day-No School
Nov. 24th QPAT convention
Nov. 25th Christmas Parade

Cycle 1 and K Movie Night: Thank you to all the students and families who attended. It was the biggest movie night turnout so far. $415.40 was raised for Heroes’! We hope that everyone had a fun evening.
Pre-Christmas Sale: The P.P.O. will have a canteen at the sale on Nov.18th. Come enjoy hot dogs and homemade soup while supporting the school. The P.P.O. will also be running a Flea Market and will have Heroes’ Ornaments for sale again this year.

Terry Fox Assembly
On October 27th we celebrated our Terry Fox fundraising efforts and distributed prizes to our top fundraisers. Thanks everyone for getting behind cancer research. We raised

Top Fundraisers:
Cycle One: Sara Jette
Cycle Two: Jake Blinn
Cycle Three: Cordell Johnson

Overall Winner: Preston Burns (A new student!)

Bowling for Heroes’
This year teachers (mainly Liane Flynn) are organizing a fundraiser for students who would like to join the ski program but whose families are financially strapped for cash. The bowling alley beside Energie Sud is renting lanes to us on Dec. 2nd as a fundraiser for the ski program.

Sat. Dec.2nd from 1-3:30 p.m. $20 per person (includes 3 games and shoes). 6 people per lane. Reservations on a first come first serve basis.

Future newsletters
Please note that beginning in December, all future newsletters or any other important information from the office will be sent via e-mail. If you need to update or confirm your e-mail, please e-mail Mrs. Murphy @ families that do not have an e-mail, we will continue to send a paper copy home with your child.

Report Cards
In keeping with the Eastern Townships School Board’s (ETSB) efforts to improve communication with and for parents, a new parent portal website will be available for the November 2017 report cards. The ETSB, will be moving the student portfolios (which include the reports cards) to the new MOZAIK Parent Portal.
Instructions on how to access the portal, login and view your child’s report card will be sent directly to parents at the email address provided to their child’s school. If for any reason you have changed the email address at which you wish to receive information from your child’s school and/or the school board, please contact the school to update your information. The new parent portal will be available for the next report period in mid-November.

Scholastic Book Fair
The rules for book fairs have changed. We are not allowed to sell directly to children who choose books and then ask their parents for money. (It is considered unfair solicitation to approach youth directly.) Parents have to buy the books for or with their children.

Therefore, in order to make purchases easy for parents, the book fair will be open extra hours. It will be open in the daytime but also on parent’s night and during the pre-Christmas sale. Please continue to take advantage of high quality books at an affordable price. Thank you Pam Sylvain for overseeing this event!

Healthy Food Snack of the Month

• Triscuits
• Popcorn
• Oatmeal (served warm in thermos)
• Shredded Wheat (Post or brand)
• Lundberg Brown Rice or Wild Rice Cakes
• Wasa Rye Cripsbread Varieties
• Ryvita Rye Varieties
• Kashi Heart to Heart Whole Grain Crackers (Original and Roasted Garlic)

Consuming whole grains as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease. Consuming foods containing fiber, such as whole grains, as part of a healthy diet, may reduce constipation. Eating whole grains may help with weight management.

In the interests of school health, please keep your child home if they are sick, coughing, and/or have a fever. It helps other students stay healthy and gives your child a chance to recover more quickly.


Anne Stairs

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    We ask that you please complete this form for each of your children and return it to

school by TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th .


This form is for emergency purposes only.  It is important that you contact the school

if any information changes occur – ie.  Address, Babysitter, Health Situations, etc.

Walkers =   As we are aware that these students are not bussed, it is also very important

for parents to contact the school with any vital information.





                                         Parents of children who require that medication be given to them on a daily basis or occasionally, should contact the school office in order to:

A) Complete a form authorizing us to administer the medication.

B) Provide dosage Information. (ie: prescription with child’s name& medication name)




     We ask that you please note this important school closure information,

     complete the 2017-2018  Emergency School Closing form, and return it to school by 

     TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th .    




    We ask that parents send in their payment to their child’s homeroom teacher.

    Only parents requiring a payment plan, should come to the office to do so,

    at Open House Night on Wednesday, September 20th.

    Your cooperation is appreciated in respecting this arrangement.

  • Cheques made out to Heroes’ Memorial School will be accepted.

    As mentioned, should you require a payment plan, you may pay the total amount in

two instalments:

    The first is due on September 20th  and the second on November 16th .

  • Please understand that the first payment must be made no later than


  • Please see the secretary to make a payment plan.


 BROME FAIR – FRIDAY, September 1st.


All students from Levels 1 through Secondary 1 will have an opportunity to go to Brome Fair on FRIDAY, September 1st.  Please find attached details, and make sure to return your child’s permission slip tomorrow, August 31st.






The Special Education Advisory Committee Wants You!


The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) advises the school board on its organization of services for students with special needs, educates parents as well as encourages them to become involved in their child’s school experience.


Parents of students with special needs constitute the majority of members on this committee.  The SEAC Chairperson and Parent Commissioner are selected from parent members of this committee.  Other members represent the various professional and support groups in the ETSB.


The committee allows you to meet and talk with others who have the interest of children with special needs at heart.  Meetings are held monthly in Magog at the Eastern Townships School Board Office between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.  Mileage compensation is available.


If this committee interests you, please ask your school principal for an application brochure or call the Assistant Director of Complementary Educational Services, Gail Kelso, at (819) 868-3100 x55035 to give your name or to ask for clarification.  Forms should be returned to your school principal by October 4, 2017.




Shorts and t-shirts are available at the office at a cost of 10.00$ each.

The sale of shorts and t-shirts will occur ONLY during homeroom time and recess,

as well as on pre-determined times – ie. Parent evenings, etc.




As in the past we will assign an adult to assist the students who do not take a bus home at the end of the day.  The teacher will be stationed at the walkers’ entrance, and will release each student when the student identifies his/her parent/guardian.  We therefore ask parents/guardians to come to the walkers’ door to pick up their child. 

One additional request, we have several classrooms just inside the walkers’ entrance.  Heroes’ is asking parents to refrain from smoking while waiting for their child.  The smoke often travels into the classrooms through the open windows.




Library classes will begin very shortly, and we are asking that all library books be

returned the morning before the scheduled library period, in order to allow our

volunteers more time for books to be shelved. 

Therefore we ask that you respect the Due-Date on your child’s book(s).



The first PPO meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 13th @ 7:00 pm.  If you are interested in being part of a dynamic team, come on the 13th.

Heroes’ 2017-2018 Operating Schedule


8:00am Bus students arrive and are supervised on the playground

8:15am Students proceed to homeroom classes

8:25am. Classes begin

10:25-10;45am Recess

12:15- 1:05 pm Lunch

2:35 Program ends

2:45 Busses depart


Please do NOT arrive at school before 8:00am. This is very important to all students since we do not have any supervision on the playground until 8:00am. Likewise, after school all walkers MUST exit from the Davignon Boulevard door, and bikers from the Playground door. They should be out of the building no later than 2:45pm.

* Parents who regularly meet their children after school should do so OUTSIDE the Davignon Boulevard (exit #2 door).

For all other procedures regarding overnight visits, as well as occasional pick-ups, please refer to the Guidelines and Expectations Booklet